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Latest Works

Oxford PhishAR

Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Mobile and Web development

PhishAR is the only two-factor authentication (2FA) application that prevents phishing attacks with a seamless analysis of users' computer screens. Machine Learning enables PhishAR to semantically analyze the content of the camera feed in order to detect phishing attempts.

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SrednjaHr Quizzes

Web app design & development, Backend development, Graph DB, ELO rating system

Built in-house from the ground up, based on a novel approach to knowledge assessment rooted in the ELO rating system. Uses a neo4j graph database for storing and managing a highly interconnected data model.

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Zizoo Mini Cruises

Market research, Product Design, UX/UI Design, Web and Backend development

Zizoo Mini Cruises platform is the main product of our effort to help Zizoo grow their business in new directions by building software products suitable to different market niches.

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AR Security Assistant

Artificial intelligence, Augmented Reality

First project in collaboration with Computer Science Department at the University of Oxford. We combined their research results with our design, development and AI expertise to help them bring the results of their research to market.

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  • Enterprise software
  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Apps

Artificial intelligence

  • Computer Vision
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning

Product Design

  • Technology-based Market Research
  • Product Discovery
  • UI/UX Design

Our Partners

What our clients said about us

Ari Cohen

Product Owner, United Hatzalah

Don’t hesitate to give 3topia the big picture. View working with them as an opportunity. Don't only approach the team once they have everything specified. Approach them when you want to think through those elements. 3topia thought through a lot of the business elements, which was helpful.

Rose Danielle Spiegel

Co-founder & CEO, LifeShareCare

3topia were flexible in working with our schedule and our priorities, and were always quick to return feedback and updates. Even though they’re based in Croatia, it hasn’t affected our being able to reach them and get a quick response. They’re organized, reliable, and acted the way you would hope they would.

Marin Glibić

Co-founder & CTO, Enterwell

Be open to 3topia’s suggestions. Their team can deliver anything you want. If you don't make requirements according to general guidelines, they'll let you know. If you want to develop something unconventional, they will do it. Listen to 3topia and give them responsibility. You will be rewarded, and they will enjoy working on the project.

Marko Kelnerić

Business Manager, Pawn Shop Chain

3topia transformed our company’s daily procedures and modernized an operational approach. The web platform can interact with data that was previously tracked using spreadsheets. 3topia consists of talented developers that work quickly, professionally, and for a better price than their competitors. I don’t know how the project could’ve gone better. We thought the process would take longer than it has.

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