AR Security Assistant

Using the power of AI and AR to keep you digitally safe.


Smart AR digital security assistant application

First project in collaboration with Computer Science Department at the University of Oxford. We combined their research results with our design, development and AI expertise to help them bring the results of their research to market.

The result of the project is an Android application capable of real-time detection and analysis of digital screens through its camera feed. It uses Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to determine the safety level of the information presented on the screen that the mobile phone is pointing at. By overlaying information on the screen in the AR world, the application helps users navigate the user interface shown on the screen and gives feedback about potential security threats.

  • Client:Computer Science Department, University of Oxford
  • Date:2019-04
  • Services:AR, Computer vision, Data science, Android app development

Technologies we used

React framework


Tensorflow allowed us to build our machine learning models easily and efficiently.



The application was developed natively on Android.