BGI Ethiopia

Sensor driven, industry specific app


Native Android app connected to the specialized sensors for keg management

BGI Ethiopia is a large-scale brewery. It has multiple factories, warehouses, and delivery partners. The app is a part of a larger system that manages manufacturing, filling, maintaining, repairing, and analyzing kegs. The app connects directly to the keg with the RFID UHF special sensors and it can be used only with the specialized devices. The sensors are used for retrieving information about the kegs and managing them. The app is used by the workers in the warehouse, repair shop, and lab where every worker has information and actions tailor-made for their particular role.

  • Client:BGI Ethiopia
  • Date:2018-08
  • Services:Tablet app design, Android app development

Technologies we used



We developed the application in native Android. It enabled us to use the specific sensors required by the project's use case.