Oxford PhishAR

Using the power of AI and AR to keep you digitally safe.


Oxford PhishAR 2FA Platform

Second project and continuation of our collaboration with the Computer Science Department at the University of Oxford. We combined their research results with our design, development and AI expertise to help them bring the results of their research to market.

PhishAR is the only two-factor authentication (2FA) application that prevents phishing attacks with a seamless analysis of users' computer screens.
Machine Learning enables PhishAR to semantically analyze the content of the camera feed in order to detect phishing attempts.
Optical Character Recognition and Screen detection technologies are what make the application able to localize and recognize both textual and graphical screen content. Providing the feedback in AR, directly on the screen where the web content is displayed, helps users recognize security threats in context where they originally occurred.

  • Client:Computer Science Department, University of Oxford
  • Date:2019 - Ongoing
  • Website:https://phishar.com
  • Services:AR, Computer vision, Web and Android App Design & Development, Backend development

Technologies we used

React framework


Tensorflow allowed us to build our machine learning models easily and efficiently.



The application was developed natively on Android.