Never miss a game when you wanna play!


A platform for organizing sports activities and finding missing teammates

Have you ever tried organizing a sports activity? If you did, then you, for sure, know the situation where the whole thing goes off because you can’t find two missing players. Or, the situation where you are passionate about a sport, but do not have a team to play with. Teamy will help with both problems.

Teamy is 3topia’s own startup project. We developed a platform that helps two types of users. Organizers, people who will always be ready to spend their time organizing the sports activity and to find certain number of players for the game. If in some time before the game, the organizer is still struggling with finding players, Teamy will find the players for him/her. The second type of users are players who are not involved in organising but love to be part of the game. They sometimes want to play even if their team is not up for a game. Teamy will find them a new team nearby.

To sum up: Never miss a game when you wanna play!

Currently in reconstruction!

  • Client:3topia
  • Services:Mobile App Design & Development, Backend development

Technologies we used

React framework

React Native

React native framework enabled us to develop the application for both Android and iOS with a single codebase, making it easier for us to maintain the application and shortening the time to production.

Spring framework

Spring Framework

The backend component of the application was developed using the Spring Framework.