3topia in Poslovni dnevnik

The app makes it easy for the organizers of team sports activities to create events and invite friends to play. It will even find new players, if necessary.
Three friends from high school, now students at Faculty of electrical engineering and computing, University of Zagreb - Kristijan Kecerin, Nino Malbašić, and Luka Vranješ - invented, designed and developed Teamy - an app which solves the problem of organizing recreational sports activities.

Idea came to our minds when we had the same problems.

Their idea ended up in the finals of the student startup competitions called App Start Contest and SmartUp. Besides the competitive nature, the motivation to apply also came from the desire to test and improve the idea and gain knowledge, experience and quality suggestions from a large number of people in the industry.
“We follow the startup scene in Croatia as well as abroad. Very often we have brainstorming sessions through which we want to identify what the users’ needs are, how to solve some of their problems and how to start a real project. This particular idea came to our minds when we had the same problems which we are now trying to solve with the app. From problems with organizing each sports activity, and time-consuming issues in regards to finding new players, to the problem of searching for a whole new team for sports that are not all that popular”.

After thorough market research, and with the help from industry leaders, they realized that there were many apps in the past which tried to solve the same problem and that their idea is going in the same direction as those that did not succeed. If they want a successful app, they have to innovate. So they went back to the drawing board and instead of starting with the solution, this time around they focused on gathering the information about the pain points from potential users in the real world, which lead them to the optimal solution. What followed were weeks and weeks of user testing, design iterations, and finally, the implementation of the whole platform.

We found a way in which the app can be useful to the user from the first minute of using the app.

They want to build a platform that connects teams with players who are currently free and want to play. The application is very useful if you organize recreational sports activities. Especially if you are in charge of organization within your group of friends because their app puts the organizer as the key figure. Features like creating events, sending invitations to people from the contact list on your phone, and finding a new player when you need one, will make your life easier as the organizer of the sports activity. Also, if you are a single player without a team or you want to try out a sport that is not all that popular, you can always find your new team and connect with them whenever you want.

“We have a unique solution on the market because we found a way in which the app can be useful to the user from the first minute of using the app, even when none of their friends have the app installed. Also, the app solves the problem of messy chat groups with a lot of unnecessary messages when organizing sports activities. Organizers will love it.”

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